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Sometimes you need to make a web application that will be deployed on to a desktop and not a server running IIS. Our free ASP.NET profiler, Prefix, is a perfect example of this. Its front end is all HTML that is loaded from an ASP.NET application running as a Windows Service. Stackify’s APM tools are used by thousands of .NET, Java, PHP, Node.js, Python, & Ruby developers all over the world.

He enjoys spending most of his time debugging JavaScript and yelling at his terminal. Planned for release in November 2020, the .NET 5 runtime brings a number of improvements, but most importantly, promises to bring unity to the two separate runtimes. It has neither the “Core” or “Framework” moniker, as Microsoft is focused on consolidating the best of both runtimes into one package. ASP.NET makes it easy to localize dates, numbers, and the text within your web application. If you want your application to be used across the globe, localization will be very important to you.


Designed and developed by Microsoft, it supports the use of multiple programming languages, and code editors, and runs on multiple platforms. One of the major goals of .NET is to provide developers with a single platform for application development. These applications can be of different types and can run on different operating systems. It is designed to run on various platforms, including Windows, macOS, and Linux. It can be used to build a wide range of applications, including web applications, desktop applications, and microservices. In this article, we learned about .NET and its capabilities.
What is .NET Core used for
Web API was designed to create RESTful services using JSON or XML. Windows Desktop is a new addition to .NET Core 3.0 that allows developers to build Windows desktop applications using Windows Forms, WPF, and UWP. ASP.NET Core is a core component of the .NET Core ecosystem. ASP.NET Core is based on MVC architecture and provides common libraries to build the Web. Microsoft’s popular open-source code editor, Visual Studio Code, is not supported on Linux and macOS.

Unified Blazor Web App Project Template

Containers contain an app and all configuration files and dependencies into a single, small, and independently deployable software unit. Containers can be deployed on any platform, cloud, Linux, and Windows. Compared to the .NET Framework and .NET Core 2.2 and previous versions, .NET Core 3.0 is blazing fast. Telerik and Kendo UI are part of Progress product portfolio.

Apart from that, .NET has a very active developer community on most of the popular online platforms. This means we would always get good help and support from the community on development-related queries and challenges. We can extend the functionality of our .NET applications by using Microsoft and third-party packages. NuGet is a very popular package manager that is built specifically for .NET. UWP is an implementation of .NET that we can use to build touch-enabled applications for the Internet of Things(IoT).

Not only is it a versatile system, but it has a tremendous amount of community support. You might have heard of .NET, .NET Core, the .NET Framework, and even ASP.NET. That can make the entire concept of .NET a little confusing. All these technologies are related to each other, but they’re not the same platform.
With the introduction of ASP.NET Core and the Kestrel web server, ASP.NET is touted as one of the fastest web application frameworks available. Docker, Kuberenetes and other technologies are all the rage. ASP.NET Core allows developers to utilize all of these new technologies. Microsoft Azure even has support for deploying your application to containers and Kubernetes. Within the framework itself, there are myriad features to help you overcome common development challenges, do more with your apps, and boost performance. When coupled with application monitoring and other performance tools, such as a profiler, ASP.NET becomes a powerful solution for building incredible apps.
It can target different types of devices like PCs, tablets, phones, Xbox, etc. In this article, we are going to learn about .NET and its capabilities. We’ll see what .NET is, what different application models .NET supports, why should we use it, and some limitations. Some say that performance is a critical feature of your software.

What is .NET Core

Essentially, the .NET Framework was a framework that Microsoft designed for programming Microsoft Windows applications on Microsoft Windows devices. It has since been replaced by services such as Microsoft’s K2. Unstable releases and limited documentation– Many times, new .NET versions were unstable during the initial phases. On top of that, it lacked proper documentation in many areas. Apart from that, the .NET to .NET Core transition was huge with many breaking changes and it was not feasible for many organizations to migrate their existing applications. To maintain uniformity, different .NET implementations share a common set of components and APIs.
What is .NET Core used for
For Mono vs. .NET Core, Mono was developed as a .NET Framework for Linux which is now acquired by Microsoft (company called Xamarin) and used in mobile development. Microsoft recognized the future web open source paradigm and decided to open .NET to other operating systems. It is a “lightweight” .NET Framework, so some features/libraries are missing.

  • Historically, the .NET Framework has only worked on Windows devices.
  • The development framework supports C#, F#, and Visual Basic — and it produces fully cross-platform applications.
  • We think of .NET Core as not being specific to either .NET Native nor
    ASP.NET 5 – the BCL and the runtimes are general purpose and designed
    to be modular.
  • One example is the Linux, Apache Server, MySQL, and PHP stack.
  • ASP.NET Core has been a nice upgrade over previous versions.

However, many times developers have to spend additional effort to troubleshoot and fix these issues. The simplest solution would be to make a new Solution and project based on .NET Core, and transfer your code over. If you have have a simple app, this is likely the easiest solution. In general, Core is a bit more lightweight than Framework, as it’s designed for and commonly used with Docker in microservices-based backends. On top of being able to use Linux in the first place (necessary for Docker), the resulting image will be a bit smaller with .NET Core.
What is .NET Core used for
For ASP.NET Core, the emphasis will be on assisting those transitioning from desktop to web development, with components like the PropertyGrid making the shift more intuitive. These enhancements contribute to the robustness, performance and security of applications developed with https://www.globalcloudteam.com/ ASP.NET Core in .NET 8. For a comprehensive overview, please take a look at the official .NET 8 documentation. This render mode is well suited for apps with complex client-side logic, allowing for a rich interactive user experience while leveraging client resources for rendering.
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Historically, the .NET Framework has only worked on Windows devices. The Xamarin and Mono projects worked to bring .NET to mobile devices, macOS and Linux. Now, .NET Core provides a standard base library that’s usable across Windows, Linux, macOS and mobile devices (via Xamarin). Microsoft products, besides the great abilities that they have, were always expensive for usual users, especially end users of products that has been made by .NET technologies. We’re retaining the values that the .NET Framework brings to
enterprise class development.

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